Laptops – Consoles – Smartphone – Tablets

If you are a warranty or non-warranty customer and you are having any of the above repaired by us under one of our corporate or reseller agreements, or as an authorised provider for Samsung, Toshiba, Acer and Fujitsu please note the following:

Warranty Repairs

Every effort is made to repair warranty units within 5 working days following the day of receipt. However this is subject to parts availability and clear verification of the fault. In the event that the Warranty parts are not available the client will be informed of the delay and the revised expected repair time. Warranty repairs are carried out under the terms of the manufacturer warranty conditions. Warranty parts are supplied by the equipment manufacturer.

  • All Warranty repairs are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty terms

If a warranty repair is found to be outside of the warranty terms e.g. damage to parts or spillage, it will be deemed as a “Non Warranty Repair” and charges will be applicable.

Non Warranty Repairs

Whilst every effort is made to repair within 7 working days, it is subject to parts availability. All parts used on Non Warranty repairs are manufacturer supplied unless otherwise requested. 

Parts Supply

Valutech can supply manufacturer specific upgrades or spare parts on request. i.e. Samsung, Tosh etc.

Valutech Warranty

Valutech provides Warranty on chargeable repairs as follows: –

  • Parts 90 days from completion date
  • Labour 30 days from completion

Inspection Charge

An inspection charge is applicable for non-warranty repairs if the estimate is declined and/or unable to be fixed. This is applicable for Desktops, Laptops, Consoles, Ipads & Iphones. See relevant repair section for details.

If You Decline a Repair

An Inspection Fee of £30.00 (notebooks & desktops), £20.00 (iPhone & iPods), £10 (Gaming consoles) including VAT is currently payable if the repair estimate is declined by the customer, carriage is also chargeable if the equipment is to be returned by Valutech.

Installation & Configuration of Software

The installation and configuration of software will be undertaken if a necessary part of Warranty and Non Warranty repairs or by mutual agreement. Valutech takes care to protect your data, but cannot be liable for its damage or loss.

Data Protection

We strongly advise that where possible a backup is made of any critical data on the hard disk drive prior to the machine being collected by Valutech Limited or sent by your own method.

Please ensure you have taken adequate software backups before despatching the equipment to us for repair. If this is not ascertained on the original communication then Valutech will not remove your data without your authorisation.


  1. Collections for the same day can be arranged by request if notified by 10:30am, otherwise it will be arranged for the day after contact.
  2. Delivery will be scheduled for the day after completion of the work.
  3. Collection & Delivery by DPD is charged at £20 (inc. VAT).


To conform to the terms and conditions of the Valutech Repair Service the equipment must be securely and properly packaged, whether using our collection and delivery service or you own method.

If you are using our carrier service, the inclusive insurance cover is only applicable if the item is packaged correctly.

The advice we give is: -

  • Notebook computers should be placed in a suitable cardboard box
  • Allow a minimum of 10cm around the notebook for padding
  • Padding can be bubble wrap, polystyrene chips or similar
  • The box should be securely sealed with packing tape

N.B.Ancillary parts, e.g. AC adapter, cables and manuals are not required unless specifically requested.


Payment method options are; cash, debit/credit card.
Payment on account is available on application, payment terms 30 days subject to appropriate terms and conditions being met.

Non Collected Repairs

Equipment which is not collected or for which no payment is received or instructions given, then Valutech will provide a 90daynotice to dispose of the goods for recovery of any outstanding payment and to release storage.TORTS(Interference with Goods) Act 1977 applies.

Chat to one of our friendly customer service team on:

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